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Who are we?

IMI - Gliding Equipment started the production of equipment for glider pilots at the end of year 2004. After fifteen years of experience our aims profiled in simple conclusion: everything we do, we try to do the best we can.

We offer you the usual things with unusual quality, new ideas, interesting look, smart functions. As we hear from the feedback of our satisfied customers, this is the right way. Since we are personally enthusiastic and experienced glider pilots, we understand the problems quite well. In 2020 we have more than 10.000 satisfied customers from the whole world. 


Jan Kantor IMI

Ing. Jan Kantor - development and production of mechanical equipment, 32 years, glider pilot and instructor, 1800 hours, 115.000km, flies: Ventus c 17,6m and ASW 15B


Ing. Jindřich Švorc - development and production of electronic devices, 37 years, glider pilot and instructor, 1200 hours, 50.000km, flies: Standard Cirrus

jura.jpgMgr. Juraj Rojko - electronic devices and software development, 45 years, glider pilot, 300 hours, 15.000km, flies: Cirrus 75




IMI Workshop:

our premises are located from late 2015 in the industrial zone Porici nad Sazavou, 7km north of town Benesov and about 9km south from highway D1 exit 21 direction Beneson by the road 3 (E55) exit Porici/Nespeky. It is about 20 minute drive from the southeast border of Prague (D1 highway 21km + E55 road 9km).

You can visit us personally to see our equipment and eventuelly purchase it directly by us. Please order the visit by email of phone in advance.


Jan Kantor, IMI,

Pyšelská 413,

257 21, Poříčí nad Sázavou,

Czech Republic,

mob.: +420 776 703 723



J.A.T. template series was designed 2006 by 4bp.de: www.4bp.de, www.oltrogge.ws